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5 (or 6?) Reasons Why Web Publishing is Changing

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“Excellent summary by Richard MacManus, the founder of ReadWriteWeb, on some of the recent shifts that affect Web Publishing. He lists 5 reasons but I would add a 6th (which actually reconciles his 1 and 4): the shift of value from Creation to Curation.


As he points out, we’re moving to more casual forms of publishing and at the same time are hungry for quality. As more and more people embrace curation as a form of expression, they’re exactly doing that, using their own particular expertise to identify relevant quality content and publishing more easily than through writing a long blog post.”


I love this concept: “the shift of value from Creation to Curation.” Not sure it’s entirely true, but curation is going to be extremely important.

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How a Google Search Travels Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

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A new infographic about Google Search shows the journey of a search on the site, from how it travels at the speed of light to how it ranks its results.


“How would you search a book with a million pages? That is pretty much what Google is doing when you search the web. The amount of information and the number of miles a query may travel is amazing. Check out the infographic for specific information.”


More like a trillion pages, but we get it. It’s a big, big Web, and Google rules it.

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New Social Content Discovery Platform:

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Giuseppe Mauriello: I received an invitation some hours ago to join into closed beta test of (formerly StormDriver).

It is a social content discovery platform that allows people to ping where they are in the Web right now, locate others in real time, and join them on any page.


From About Page:

“ offers a new way to discover interesting content in a social setting. Instead of leaving updates on social networks, just like notes on a fridge, simply share the experience of discovering content in real time, together. Don’t wait for people to tell you what they’re doing. Instead, take a look at and join them on the spot!


With you can see what pages others are visiting right now. You can also get pinged about the good stuff they find or ping your own discoveries. is all about the real-time aspect of the Web. Being aware of where your friends are online is one thing. Another is that you can instantly know what’s hot. In you can see how many other users are interacting with a page, and if things get interesting you can get notified and join in the fun!


Every ping can be send to a specific topic – and all the people who follow it. This way you will immediately know if a new interesting page was pinged to any topic you follow. You can create your own topics, invite contributors, and together create useful scrapbooks of content. All topics have their own unique URL’s, so that you can share your best collaborations with the outside world.


We use cloud-enhanced browsing in order to let you enjoy your favorite content from within Instead of searching for stuff outside and then reporting on your findings through social networks…”



Try out it / request an invite here:


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The Guide To Search: Why Social & Mobile Are The Future

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With Social Media developing at a rapid pace and search engines becoming smarter, the emergence of social search was expected to be the next big thing.


Search is currently in a transition period right now. As algorithms become more complex and the major search engines introduce new features, it’s clear that our expectations about how search should work and what it can do for us has risen with every new development. It’s not enough that it just suggests relevant information.


Now we demand that it comes faster, becomes more accurate and matches our tastes and interests.


Throw Siri and Google Now (or at least, the potential of Siri and Google Now) into the mix and the idea that the very concept of search will be radically different in three to five years time is a distinct possibility.


Social search was seen as the next step in this process. Using our profiles to filter and curate the content we want to see, the results have been mixed. Google’s insistence on using Google+ and its +1 system has been criticised because it neglects the more popular social media sites to plug its own.


On the other hand, Bing has struggled to even dent Google’s hold on search, despite championing its social search feature – partly because Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. Throw in the massive rise of mobile search, and the concept of search is evolving in a way that we mightn’t have expected.


One thing is certain: With more and more content being created online, a new way of curating and processing the vast waves of information out there will necessity. With Google making small changes to search – both on desktop and mobile – and Bing pushing its social credentials even further, the race is on to see who can discover (or possibly stumble) upon the next stage of search.

Marty Note
I scooped into Startup Revolution as a counter to VC Geoff Lewis’ statement, “Social is over,” this morning on Squawk Box. Jeff, a VC from Founders Fund, may be correct in the absolute sense but social is going to be the underpinning of many, many things, so he is WRONG (lol).

I understand his money is moving downstream after the Facebook IPO disaster and down another 5% today as the lockout expires on big institutions (running off the ship like rats it would appear).

Anntonino is right here, as he usually is, and Lewis is wrong. Social as he understands it, someone investing in front of the curtain, is over. Social for what we do as Internet marketers is just beginning.

Social will help Internet marketers increase conversions, win SEO and create community for a long, long time since we hardly know how to use these tools now. We are at the beginning of the middle not the beginning of the end of social.

And Antonino is right. Future is SoLoMo (social, local and mobile) with search being the hub of it all :). M

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Why Your Customers Prefer Company Websites Over Facebook Pages

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“Despite pouring millions into creating Facebook brand pages, most consumers still prefer a company’s website, according to an Open Forum post.”


However, your Website should be social-media-friendly . . .


Here’s an interesting stat from the article:


“According to the Incyte Group, which authored the report, marketers in America have dumped about $3 million into these fan sites and yet consumers still visit official websites more often than these pages. Nearly nine in 10 of the 2,000 folks who took the survey admitted that they look to a company’s website to find products and information. Their Facebook page? Not so much.”


Yes, if you don’t know how to use Facebook, it won’t be the place where people go . . .

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