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Looking for Content Curation Tools? Here’s Where To Start: The Official Content Curation Tools Universe Map

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From Robin Good: Everytime I see a new post or article claiming to list the best content curation tools I know I am in for some disappointment.


Most of these lists just pick up names from other lists without even bothering to check, test or verify what these tools actually do, whether they are still available. Unfortunately the rush to put out “curated” list of tools and services has created more misinformation than useful lists. 


But if you, like me, are on the lookout for new and effective tools to curate your own content or the one of your customers, I have created a comprehensive map of all the curation tools available online and I keep it fresh and updated almost on a daily basis.


The map presently lists over 250 content curation tools which you can navigate much more easily than it was possible on my earlier versions of this map.


On the right side of the map you will find all of the news and content curation tools available online today. On the left side, you can find bookmarking, link lists builders, clippers and lots of tools to operate with RSS feeds (which are still at the heart of a curator’s job).

Full map:  

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Social Media = The New SEO

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‘”If you expect to do well with SEO and with your SERP (Social Media Results Pages) results, Social Media engagement needs to become a big part of the equation.


If you are scratching your head about what “Social Signals” means, yes, it is one of those jingoistic terms that have emerged in the Social Media Space.


It refers to what used to be known as “recommendations” but has now has evolved to“like”, “retweet”, “+1” or, hot-off-the press over on Linkedin, “endorse”.’


SEO is going social in a big way. Combined with Google’s escalating emphasis on good content, everything you thought you knew about SEO could be wrong.


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Five Ways To Socialize Your Customer Service Team

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“All forms of customer service share the same core Image values. But social media brings in completely new rules of play that you need to educate your social customer service team in.”


The opening paragraph of this article says it all: “As Customer Service becomes the front line of social communication for your company, the lines between community engagement and customer service become blurred. Customers speak to companies in a different way on Facebook and Twitter, raising a whole range of different subjects. Your customer service representatives will need to move away from simple issue resolution, and dip into general chatter from time to time. When customers give feedback about products, for example, your team can deliver a better experience and obtain better information if they enter into a real conversation.”

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9 Facebook Marketing Tips to Improve Engagement

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“Facebook Engagement: Learn some great ideas, new things to try and ways to stand out that will ultimately help your business grow.”


Tip #1: Get Personal – which we call Be a Person – and a great quote: “Your community wants to get to know you and wants to be able to relate to you and your company.”

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Why Ignoring Social Media Complaints Is a Huge Mistake – Forbes

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“It amazes me that even in today’s social media savvy business environment there are still big companies that fail to engage with their customers, particularly customers that are frustrated and unhappy.”


The lead example of terrible customer social media service is a charter member of our Social Media Hall of Shame, United ( 


How should you deal with social media complaints? A “RightNow study shows that answering complaints can change attitudes. 21% of the complaints DID get a response, and more than half the customers had positive reactions to the same company or brand they had been blasting not long before. When customers received a response to their complaint, 46% were pleased. And, even more surprising, 22% actually posted a positive comment about the company or brand.”


Nuff said. See our series of blog posts on this subject:


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