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Facebook’s New Retargeted Ads Performing “Very Well”, Adds Partners To Run Them | TechCrunch

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“Facebook Exchange could pull in a wealth of new advertising dollars by letting businesses retarget ads at Facebook users who’ve visited their websites.”


OK, isn’t anybody else getting creeped out by the growing amount of tracking and targeting you are being subjected to?


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How to Schedule your Pins on Pinterest

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“As an avid social media user you’ve probably jumped straight into Pinterest and quickly discovered that pinning can take up an enormous amount of time. Here is a tool that will save you a lot of time, increase traffic and clicks to your pins.”


I’m not too sure how the automation described here can actually save time, but it will help you schedule your pins over time.


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Curate, Filter And Publish Your Streams Of Information With State

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Excerpted from review article on ReadWriteWeb:

“As streams of information become more popular on the Web, we need better ways to consume and manage them. Apps that allow you to aggregate content from different sources – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news websites and more – may become very popular: State is trying it.


State is currently in private beta. At first glance, it looks part FriendFeed, part TweetDeck, part iGoogle, and part something wholly new.


While State only connects to five services so far, you can imagine it eventually hooking into many more.”


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