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Top 10 Brands on Social Media in 2013 [CHART]

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Samsung was the most popular brand on social media in 2013, according to Starcount, which compiled social data to come up with its top 10 list.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

The tragedy of this infographic is the way these brands are measured – entirely via typical social media metrics like views and likes. I’d rather see a list of the top brands whose social media efforts increased something relevant, like, say, I dunno, sales? Profit? Market share?


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How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

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Psychographics are just as important as demographics, but are you using them? We share how to use psychographics to become more effective with your marketing strategy.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Years ago, while at Nielsen, I told our CTO that demographics are crap. Psychographics, on the other hand, get us a little closer to understanding the customer. But social media offers the tantalizing opportunity to truly know customers and the reasons why they buy.


So understanding the psychographics of your buyers is a good start, but hardly the entire answer.


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50 Attributes of a Great Copywriter – Jeffbullas’s Blog

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Suppose you’re in the market to hire or become a great copywriter. What are the attributes of success? Here are 50 attributes of a great copywriter

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Use this list to hire your next copywriter. The top 10 attributes:



1. Curiosity.

2. Clarity.

3. Passion.

4. Vocabulary.

5. Precision …

6. … Without perfectionism.

7.  Diligence.

8.  Ability to multitask.

9. Focus.

10. Self-motivation. 


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Raise Your Content Marketing Grade in 2014 | Social Media Today

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Everyone looks to content marketing evangelists for predictions. I have only one. I predict 2014 is the year you fill in the gaps in your content marketing program.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

If you’re looking for actionable advice on creating a better content marketing program for the new year, look no further. This is a great article that lays out steps for getting better at marketing via content. Steps include answering the following questions:


1. How well do you understand content marketing?

2. Do you have a content marketing strategy?

3. Do you have an editorial plan?

4. Do you have platforms and processes that work?

5. Do you have a content marketing team?

6. Do you create a variety of content types?

7. Are you taking social media seriously?

8. Do you nurture leads with email marketing?

9. Do you have a handle on analytics?

10. Do you consistently refine your content marketing?


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Community Forums – The Unsung Hero in Social Support

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Social Customer Service has become an X-Factor in developing lasting relationships with customers.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Yes, community forums are the unsung heroes, and also the best secret weapon for pleasing your customers and attracting your prospects.


We talk about the role of communities in our book Infinite Pipeline: Social Media for B2B Sales Success

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