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How to Network with Influential People Using Twitter

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Discover how to find and connect with the people who will help you build a strong, focused following on Twitter.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

A good article. Here are the main points:


#1: Find the Influencers in Your Current Network

#2: Know Your Competitors’ Connections

#3: Search for Influencers in Your Niche

#4: Follow and Interact With People on Twitter

#5: Set Up Alerts to Track Where Your Influencers Are Mentioned or Post Online

#6: Add Value Outside of Twitter


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Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Sites In New .Net 100 Rankings

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Entrepreneur Magazine’s website asked readers recently to rank their favorite .net sites. The result is the .Net 100 Ranking and here they are.

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The top 10 sites are:


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How To Spot A Bot On LinkedIn

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Spot a bot on LinkedIn? Either you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, or you know all too well. Here are some tips for avoiding them.

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The LinkedIn bot "problem has become so huge that LinkedIn has filed a lawsuit against an unknown “Doe-defendant” who is using Amazon Web Services to set up these profiles and scrape data for online recruiting purposes. In this case, they are trying to get out of paying LinkedIn to use LinkedIn’s proprietary recruiting software."

This great article gives you tips for recognizing fake LinkedIn connectors.

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What Makes You Click a Twitter Update?

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What makes You click on a Twitter update? Find out the magic to getting more clicks

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Here are the major points from this excellent article:


1. Ask a Question That References the User (YOU)

2. Keep it Short

3. Use

4. Post at the Right Times

5. Post Less Often

6. Choose Your Words Wisely

7. Add a Photo

8. Provide a Fresh Outlook on a Topic


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How to Steal Your Competitor’s Social Media Followers

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If you want to accelerate your social media game by getting followers from your competitors, here are several tips you should consider.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

The tips include:


Start Networking

Analyze Facebook Activity

Analyze Twitter Activity

Steal Your Competition’s Followers on Twitter

Steal Your Competition’s Followers on Google Plus

Other Methods for getting Followers from Your Competition


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Why You Can’t Resist Persuasive Techniques (Even When You Spot Them)

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Even if you know persuasive techniques are coming, you can’t resist them when they are executed effectively … as the story of HoneyBell oranges shows.

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These techniques are tried and true. Is your company using them?


1. Liking: we buy from people we find agreeable


2. Authority: we respect and respond to those in charge


3. Reciprocity: we’re driven to pay back “debts”

4. Commitment: we strive to make our actions and decisions consistent


5. Social proof: we feel safer about buying something others have tried


6. Scarcity: we want things more when their availability is limited


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Zuckerberg Details His Goals

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Mark Zuckerberg thinks Facebook’s innovated by creating a place where people could share what wasn’t shared before, which is also why he thinks Snapchat..

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

To me, the most important part of this interview, is that Zuckerberg has stated his goals as: "Connecting the rest of the world to the Internet, understanding the world through an artificial intelligence-powered unified model, and fostering the knowledge economy so more of the world can thrive."


He’s seeking billions in investment to dominate the world.


Good idea? Bad idea? Comment below.



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Four Steps to Achieving Your Social Media Goals

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Are you wondering how you’ll achieve your social media goals this year? Do you feel as if you’re spending lots of time on social media with little direction and few results?

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Here are the major points from this article:


#1: Set Realistic Goals for Your Business


#2: Learn How You Can Help Your Customer


#3: Determine Your Traffic Sources


#4: Build Your Content Strategy


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Insights Drive Better Customer Experience

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We recently launched an e-book on slideshare covering The Future of Customer Experience. The e-book is a compilation of interviews we conducted with 19 experts

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Here’s an important ingredient for better customer experience from this interview: "In addition to this I think how socially active a company is coupled with their desire to truly ‘engage’ their customers (as opposed to broadcasting to them) via these channels is also a useful measure."


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This is Your Real Social Business Strategy Challenge

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Altimeter Group published an infographic on the state of social business (see below), meant to promote their research on that same state of social business (in 2013), released in October. The “headline” of the infographic: “Social Media Matures, Yet Many Companies Still Lack a Strategic Foundation”.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

I love this quote from this excellent article: "Strategies are about people, good strategies involve all people you…need to involve"

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