30 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media | SEJ

Since none of us here at SEJ want you to experience that migraine-inducing nightmare, here are 30 things you should avoid doing on social media.

Source: www.searchenginejournal.com

This is a really long list of don’t for social media. Well worth pondering:



1. Only Focusing on Facebook

2. Jumping on Multiple Social Media Networks at Once

3. Making it Only About Yourself

4. Not Thinking Twice Before Posting

5. Posting in a Hurry

6. Not Spell Checking

7. Responding Unprofessionally

8. Being Impersonal

9. Hiding From Negative Comments/Controversy

10. Not Listening

11. Not Optimizing Social Media Profiles

12. Forgetting Social Media Buttons on Website

13. Being Too Casual

14. Only Sharing Content From Your Website

15. Being Inexperienced

16. Increasing Amount of Followers Too Fast

17. Leaving Comments Unattended

18. Hiring a Social Media Manager Just Because They’re “Tech Savvy”

19. Relying on Just One Person

20. Not Knowing The Difference Between a Personal and Business Account

21. Bad Timing For Scheduled Posts

22. Not Creating Incentives

23. Underestimating Data

24. Not Promoting Your Profiles Through Advertising

25. Not Having a Check-and-Balance System in Place

26. Being a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy

27. Being Inconsistent

28. Failing to Create ‘Authenticity’

29. Posting Without Images/Videos

30. Improper Use of Hashtags


Via @MarketingCath