About Social Media Performance Group

Social Media Performance Group is a premier enterprise social media consulting company that offers a unique approach to integrating social media into the enterprise — forget about the tools, it’s all about the strategy!

Rather than focusing on the tactics (do this or that on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), first we work with you and your senior leadership to comprehend your corporate strategy. Once we understand your strategic objectives and goals, we show you how a comprehensive social media strategy can integrate with and support your corporate strategy.

We take an enterprise-wide view based on our unique Enterprise Social Media Framework, which maps social media to all appropriate touchpoints in your enterprise. We go beyond the obvious quick hits — sales and marketing — and help you achieve social-media-driven results in areas such as product development, customer service, and employee engagement and retention. 

As a result, social media is not just bolted on; it is integrated with, and provides support for, your company’s existing strategy and operations, yielding unprecedented results.

Who is the Social Media Performance Group?

The three principals of SMPG have varied and complementary capabilities and experience. We also partner with world class marketing, branding, design, and development resources to offer complete strategy-to-execution services. 

Ken Morris, JD

In addition to being a founding principal of SMPG, Ken is President and CEO of Aperçu Group Inc., a team of leading scholars and practitioners dedicated to helping organizations improve their financial and operational performance. In addition to social media consulting, Ken consults and coaches on issues of diversity, leadership, conflict management, succession planning, crisis management, team building, negotiation, presentation skills, workplace systems design, marketing, and strategic planning. 

Ken’s accomplishments include helping improve his customers’ financial and operational performance; eCommerce and technology integration; Internet, intranet, networking and information technology; recruitment and retention; business and human resources strategy and execution; marketing and business development; international affairs; executive development, education and training; and community and governmental affairs. 

Ken is a former Vice President of Human Resources at Boston Scientific and Guidant, Vice President, Business Development at Professional Development Group, Inc., and previously held positions at Honeywell and State Farm.


Mike Ellsworth

Mike’s background includes experience as an IT Program Manager, Chief Technology Officer for a startup, Vice President of Strategic Planning for an Internet incubator, Senior Project Manager at the Nielsen Company, and as an independent Emerging Technology Strategy Consultant. During his 15-year career at the Nielsen Company in the marketing research business, he helped set Dun & Bradstreet’s Internet strategy and developed the vision that resulted in the consumer packaged goods industry’s first Web application in early 1995. With his own company, StratVantage Consulting, Mike helped Sterling Commerce create their eCommerce strategy and has helped senior leaders understand and connect rapidly changing new technologies with the organization’s existing strategy. 

In addition to starting StratVantage, Mike founded CTOMentor, a subscription-based emerging technology advisory service, and The WiMAX Guys, a wireless networking company. Most recently he leveraged more than a decade of social media experience (his first social media proposal was in 2001) by starting Linked InSolutions, a social media training and consulting company.


Robbie Johnson

Robbie is an experienced business development manager who has used social media in an innovative way to effectively connect with customers and prospects while driving sales performance. He has worked as Application Sales Representative and Business Development Consultant at Oracle before taking a business development role at Trissential, a Twin Cities IT solutions company. At Trissential, he landed three new customers, including Cargill, and $500,000 in new business solely through the use of social media techniques. In addition, he managed all of Trissential’s partner relationships, including with Computer Associates, Oracle, Fujitsu, and others. As a result, Robbie helped Trissential grow from $6 million to $12 million in revenue during tough economic times. 

Most recently, Robbie has leveraged his social networking strategy and execution experience to found Strategy Blueprints, a consulting firm that helps companies ensure that their tactical business plans map to their strategic business objectives, especially in the area of social networking and new media. 

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