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6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance

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CMI research has found that content marketing clients understandably want to be able to tell how their organization is doing in relation to its peers. Find out how to demonstrate B2B content market…

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For that skeptic that doesn’t think you can measure social media ROI . . .


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That Esurance Super Bowl Stunt and Finding the Real Value of Social Media

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So here’s the deal: Instead of buying a Super Bowl ad, Esurance bought the first ad AFTER the Super Bowl.  And they saved $1.5 Million in the process, then

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The sad, sad case of eSurance who, as the author points out, doesn’t get that social media is not about clicks or followers, but about relationships and bottom line success. Yes, their post-SuperBowl ad was a great success, if you define success as a lot of tweets . . .


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You’d Be Surprised By What Really Motivates Users | TechCrunch

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Earlier this month, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone unveiled his mysterious startup Jelly. The question-and-answer app was met with a mix of criticism and head..

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Hint: It ain’t cash. It ain’t the lame cents-off coupons you’re dropping on Facebook.


Read to find out.


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3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation With Social Media |

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Boost social media lead generation by gating content, amplifying your audience with social ads and optimize social ad conversions with Google Analytics.

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Three simple recommendations for improving lead generation with social media:


#1: Gate Enticing Content With a User-Friendly Form

#2: Amplify Your Audience With Focused Social Ads

#3: Optimize Social Ad Conversion With Google Analytics

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SAPVoice: Content Is King And The Corporate Website Is Dead

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According to some trend watchers, a little research, and a few live examples, the corporate website as we know it may be ready for some disruptive evolution.  Corporate website visits for most large brands are declining. Your best content is lost among too much product promotion. And more attention is being […]

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Does your corporate site suck? Yes, it does. One reason is it’s probably organized the way your corporation is organized. This is called showing the corporate underpants.


Even the world’s most savvy marketer, Coke, recently declared their corporate site lame and did a makeover.


Here are the major points from this article:


Corporate Websites Should Facilitate Moments of Authentic Interaction


Content Is King And The Corporate Website Is Dead


Brand Publishing Is Not Just For Consumer Brands



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Why you’ve already missed the hottest marketing opportunity

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The best opportunity goes to the marketers who identify it well before it’s hot, not the ones who join at the frothy peak.

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Check out this mind-blowing piece of data from this article:


The first online banner ad, for AT&T, 44% click rate. Today’s average click rate for an ad the same size (468×60) rounds off to a nice even 0.0%! The only 44% you are likely to find in today’s banner discussion is the percentage of people with an ad blocker installed.


Be on the wave or under it.

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Top 10 Social Media Blogs, The 2014 Winners!

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Get the best social media tips and advice from the winners of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs for 2014.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

I’m not a big one for following blogs, but you can’t go wrong following these:


#1: Jon Loomer

#2: RazorSocial

#3: Socialmouths

#4: Post Planner

#5: Dustn.tv

#6: Danny Brown

#7: Boom Social

#8: Jenn’s Trends

#9: Top Dog Social Media

#10: Simply Measured

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How to Analyze Your Social Media Activities With Excel

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Learn how to use Excel to analyze your social media marketing to deliver content that builds engagement and community.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

If you feel like you need to get visibility into your somewhat haphazard social media activities, this is the article for you. Major points:


#1: Build Your Spreadsheet

#2: Identify Categories and Subcategories

#3: Outline Your Targets and Calls to Action

#4: Collect Your Data

#5: Sort Your Data

#6: Analyze Categories

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Six Arguments Against Content Shock

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Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

You may have never heard of the term Content Shock – I never had until I read this article – but your familiar with the flood of content now available to the average user. I’ve been calling it the firehose. Well, if you get hosed enough, you’re going to try to turn off the spigot, and that’s Content Shock.


Excellent article. Here are the major points that people who argue against the concept raise:


1) Great content will always rise to the top

2. It does not cost any more to create great content so the economic assumptions are wrong.

3. The impact of Content Shock does not matter if you have properly identified a niche market

4. As long as people have a need or question, they will find and consume your helpful content no matter how much of it is in the marketplace

5. “Deep pockets” don’t matter in the content marketing space, which provides equal access to all.

6. Technology will help us overcome the consumption side of content shock


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