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Why Your CPG Brand Isn’t Remarkable | Social Media Today

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Seth Godin answered a question, “How do you turn something that is considered a commodity into a Purple Cow when the lowest price is the only thing that seems to matter to customers?” A Purple Cow, by the way, is defined as anything phenomenal and counterintuitive. We’ve seen hundreds of cows in our lifetime, but if we saw a purple cow, we couldn’t ignore it.

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B-to-B Decision-Makers Are People, Too (Really)

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Emotion can work in B2B, if it’s focused on the purchaser’s feelings not about himself, but about the benefits accruing to the company.

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My buddy Bryan Kramer calls this concept H2H, or Human to Human, selling. You’re not selling to a business. You’re selling to a person at a business. Good article.


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10 Mistakes We’ve All Made on Social Media (And How To Fix Them)

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Mistakes happen to even the best of us – we know first-hand from the helpful comments informing us whenever there’s grammatical error. But, that’s just hum

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This is a good article on avoiding common social media mistakes. Major points:


1. Treating All Social Media Platforms the Same

2. Posting at Inappropriate Times

3. Placing Quantity Over Quality

4. Not Taking Advantage of Bio

5. Not Posting Enough vs. Posting Too Much

6. Using Automated Messages

7. Not Proofreading

8. Using Social Media Only as a Megaphone

9. Not Properly Using @, # and Images

10. Saying Too Much


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Mining for Gold With “Small Data”

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They say the devil is in the details, and that’s especially true when it comes to loyalty programs. Loyalty programs often rely heavily on capturing transactional data that they miss vital insight tha

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OK, we’ve all heard about Big Data, this article talks about small data – data from personal interactions with customers.


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How to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process |

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Make content curation faster and easier by combining Feedly and IFTTT to become the go-to expert in your niche and provide more value to your clients.

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If you don’t know how to join the accelerating content curation movement, this basic article will get you started. Major points:


Why Content Curation?

#1: Use Feedly to Find Articles

#2: Use IFTTT (If This Then That) to Collect Feedly Articles

#3: Choose and Curate Content

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5 Ways to Use Twitter Scheduling to Enhance Your Marketing

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These Twitter scheduling tips and tools will help you execute a more effective social media strategy.

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Many people think it’s not a good idea to schedule your social media posts. But it’s also not a great idea to fill up your followers/friends streams with dozens of posts. If you want to try scheduling, here are some great tips to get started:



#1: Find Out When Your Followers Are on Twitter


#2: Share Content Throughout the Day to Maintain Visibility


#3: Schedule for Holidays and Events


#4: Join Discussions in Real Time


#5: Take Advantage of Real-Time Opportunity


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6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance

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CMI research has found that content marketing clients understandably want to be able to tell how their organization is doing in relation to its peers. Find out how to demonstrate B2B content market…

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For that skeptic that doesn’t think you can measure social media ROI . . .


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That Esurance Super Bowl Stunt and Finding the Real Value of Social Media

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So here’s the deal: Instead of buying a Super Bowl ad, Esurance bought the first ad AFTER the Super Bowl.  And they saved $1.5 Million in the process, then

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The sad, sad case of eSurance who, as the author points out, doesn’t get that social media is not about clicks or followers, but about relationships and bottom line success. Yes, their post-SuperBowl ad was a great success, if you define success as a lot of tweets . . .


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You’d Be Surprised By What Really Motivates Users | TechCrunch

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Earlier this month, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone unveiled his mysterious startup Jelly. The question-and-answer app was met with a mix of criticism and head..

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Hint: It ain’t cash. It ain’t the lame cents-off coupons you’re dropping on Facebook.


Read to find out.


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