Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools!

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Content curation tools help you find and share relevant content. We have 8 tools that will help you save a lot of time on social media, check them out!

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Often when I repost these tool list posts I haven’t heard of many or most of the tools, but I’m only not familiar with one tool on this list, so woo-hoo!


This is a great roundup of curation tools, including, of course, Scoop.it


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New Study Shows LinkedIn to be the Most Popular Social Networking Site Among CEOs

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RT @StacyZapar: New Study Shows LinkedIn to be the Most Popular Social Networking Site Among CEOs http://t.co/OfRu4hycJP #linkedin #socialm…

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

The accepted wisdom is that CEOs don’t do social media, and the study does find that :


“less that one-third of Fortune 500 CEOs actively take part in social media, but of those who do, LinkedIn is their favorite choice,” Ernst says. “Some 27.9%, or 140 CEOs, have LinkedIn accounts, up from 25.9 percent (130) in 2012."


So basically:

“LinkedIn is more popular with CEOs than with the general public.”


Is your CEO on LinkedIn and, if yes, does he/she use it regularly? Please comment below.

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The Secret to Higher Employee Productivity: Social Networking? [Infographic]

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What is the secret to higher employee productivity? When employees have the information they need, they can make better decisions, perform more productivel ([INFOGRAPHIC] The Secret to Higher #EmployeeProductivity: Social Networking?

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Social media behind the firewall may be even more powerful than outside.

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Why Most Businesses Are Anti-Social In A Social-Media Era – Forbes

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Why Most Businesses Are Anti-Social In A Social-Media Era
While businesses used to be able to use the traditional media like a megaphone, now whatever they say through that megaphone is drowned out by the chatter on social media.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Great insight as always, from @BrianSolis.


Example of anti-social business:


"Your call to the customer-service center is shuffled off to a faceless script-reader in Manila. Or many times you don’t even get that:  You get a machine that keeps asking you, with an edge in its voice, to take another crack at clearly stating the nature of your problem."


Solis says the problem is business is focused on efficiency, not delivering value. Do you agree? Please comment below.

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10 Enterprise Social Business Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter

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Follow these 10 Social Media Communications Leaders on Twitter to learn how they’re influential in shaping the future of enterprise social business.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Every time I see one of these lists, I follow the folks listed. So you’d think I would already be following these luminaries. Am now.


It’s interesting how few of them have lots of followers, though.

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Social’s Value Measured in Engagement Over Sales

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Engagement is the leading metric US marketers use to measure their social marketing outreach and the primary goal of their social campaigns. Brand lift was also important, while increasing sales was a lesser priority, according to research.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Interesting findings from a survey that show good news/bad news. The good news is that businesses are waking up to the fact that Likes and other superficial metrics aren’t where it’s at. Engagement is.


The bad news (which could actually also be good news) is that businesses are backing off of sales as a goal. While sales can certainly be accomplished via social media, backing off this as a goal could mean busineses actual step back and start to build relationships with their customers, which will then yield sales.


What do you think? Comment below.

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Recruiters Find Limits to Large Social Networks – ExecuNet Survey

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Recruiters Find Limits to Large Social Networks – ExecuNet Survey

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

It had to happen. Recruiters on LinkedIn are finding themselves deluged with unwanted connection requests from unqualified candidates and unsolicited resumes.


In the survey, "45% concluded large, public networks make it difficult to build relationships with the right talent." So recruiters may move to smaller, more-specialized social networks.

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Recycling Bins Track Passing People via Wi-Fi

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Renew has developed “smart” recycling bins that detect passing smartphones’ Wi-Fi signals, and could soon be used to serve ads to specific individuals.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

From the OMIGOD, that’s creepy! file: Recycling bins that serve you personalized ads based on detecting your Wi-Fi signal <shudder>. Minority Report is trying to become real.


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