Google Plus for Business – The Google Plus Features You Should Know

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Google Plus for Business – The Google Plus Features You Should Know Business 2 Community The following is the third part in a series that will break down the fundamentals of Google Plus for business, and how to build and utilize company pages, so…

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Some basic things you should be doing on Google+.

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Cold Calling Is Dead, Thanks To LinkedIn

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Or should I write it the way two entire industries, sales and marketing, would probably exclaim: LinkedIn Head of Marketing for Sales Solutions, Ralf VonSosen, wrote Ken Krogue an email that sparked this article “Cold calling as we know it is…

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

This interesting article was prompted by a blog post that challenged the title of a Webinar that linked LinkedIn with cold calling. The author, of course, was not proposing in the Webinar that sales people use LinkedIn for cold calling, and his sentiment is better expressed by the title of this post on Forbes.


Using LinkedIn for social selling is one of the main topics of our book series, The Infinite Pipeline: How to Master Social Media for B2B Sales Success – Sales Person Edition – free chapter at  http://bit.ly/InfPipeCh1, and our upcoming Executive Edition. (Incidentally if you’d like to review the book before it’s released, tweet the following: 

“@MikeEllsworth I’d like to review The Infinite Pipeline:
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Want to be a superstar, but no time for social media? Fake it with Ghost Tweeter

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“What if I told you that you could become an industry “thought leader” without ever writing a blog post. Or, that you could achieve Twitter stardom without personally sending a single tweet.I didn’t believe it either, but some people are apparently doing it. Maybe even some people you follow. And you may never guess how they’re doing it.


Ghost Tweeting is one of a number of companies that have emerged to outsource the writing and distribution of all your blogs, tweets, and posts. They will even handle all the social media engagement for you. “All the benefits, none of the work,” reads the tagline on their website….

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

As others have noted, this approach is not only not authentic, it’s borderline unethical. But how does it really differ from hiring consultants to design and write marketing material for your business?


What do you think of this technique? Comment below.

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How to Setup Social Media Discussion Groups for Business

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Social networking: how social media groups work for businesses and how you can benefit from them as both an owner and a member.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

In our Infinite Pipeline books (httpe://bit.ly/InfPipeCh1) we talk about the need to set up two communities: an internal sales-oriented community to solve sales process challenges, and an external problem-solving community to engage customers and prospects.


This article gives some good advice for using public social media sites to set up business-oriented communities.


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