Create Your Social Media Engagement Plan

In our previous post, Determine Social Media Engagement Readiness, we took a look getting ready to launch your engagement plan. In this post, we give an example of an engagement planning document.

Create Your Engagement Plan

Based on your listening and the preliminary planning based on the foregoing, lay out how you’re going to engage with the online community.

Your first step is a simple one: Determine Who, What, and Where.

You might try a format like this one.

Once you have defined your community, and the internal and external audiences you want to reach, think about:

  • In what ways can we use social media to communicate with each of these audiences?
  • When should we communicate (Year round? During other events or activities?)
  • What are some opportunities we may be missing?
  • What resources do we need?

Create a worksheet answering the first two questions for each of your audiences similar to the following.

Next up: Design Effective Social Media Community Processes

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