Define Your Community Goals – SMPG Community Building Checklist

In our previous post, Community Building Checklist, we began posting our checklist for building your community – The Social Media Performance Group Community Building Checklist™.

In this post, we give you some ideas to help you define your goals for your community.

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Define Your Goals

  • Don’t go off half-cocked and just create a community space without goals and a plan
  • Review the previous posts Create Social Computing Strategies and Elements of an Engagement Plan
  • Determine the potential value you hope to create for enterprise and its clients
  • Create your strategy, goals, and measurement techniques (known as Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs)
  • Know:
    • What your community stands for
    • Who ideally participates
    • How they will create action in the real world
  • Identify a Sponsor
    • Key role
    • Must be committed for long term
    • Not necessarily a do-er, but the prime supporter
  • Identify a Strategist
    • Plots the development of the community
    • Ensures the community tracks against goals
  • Identify a Community Manager
    • Responsible for day-to-day
    • Could be a team
  • Estimate the overhead: headcount, budgets and staff time
  • Determine who can join the community
    • If under age 18 or 13 are allowed, ensure that you understand the implications
    • In US, must comply with COPPA[1]
    • May need to set a cookie so that if you reject membership and the user returns and tries to change age, they can’t register
  • Determine who can no longer participate
    • Create a policy for trolls, or objectionable members

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[1] The US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act: