How BMW Would Have Benefited from Social Selling

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At BMW, Social Selling would have helped retain a loyal customer base.  On April 18th 2011, BMW CEO Jim O’Donnell told a group of reporters: “Electric Vehicles won’t work for most people.  For at least 90% and maybe more of the population, an electric vehicle won’t work (at the current battery range).”  This set off a firestorm in the electric car community.  Within hours the Detroit Free Press had picked up the story and posted it online.  Electric car blogs, like, took off with the story. 

BMW Corporate Communications found out about the story on April 21st.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Great article. It acknowledges how the entire organization must change in order to full embrace social selling: "The problem is the rest of the company doesn’t get it.  Finance has told you there’s no budget.  Corporate Communications sees inherent risk in mobilizing a social sales force.  Marketing worries about the brand’s consistency.  You need to know how Social Selling effects each division.  You can then show how Social Selling adds value around the organization."


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