If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen, Says New Google Study

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“New research out from Google, working with market analysts Ipsos and Sterling Brands, puts some hard numbers behind the often-noticed trend of how people in the U.S.are using a combination of phones, tablets, computer and TVs to consume digital content.”


Link to download the study: http://www.scribd.com/doc/104313542/Multiscreenworld-Final


A key finding: “The study also found that although a lot of attention is being focused on smartphones and apps, this device is not only the smallest screen in our world, it’s also used for the shortest bursts, at 17 minutes per session, compared to 30 minutes on tablets, 39 minutes on PCs and the 43 minutes watching TV.”


So if you’re optimizing your site only for phones, you’re really missing the boat!


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