Now That Nielsen Tracks Tweets, How Will That Change TV?

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“We’re curious just like everyone else to see where the two companies go with all this,” says Evan Silverman, senior vice president for Digital Media at A&E Networks.


Well, NIelsen Media might be starting to get it. At least this acquisition might get networks and advertisers to try to listen. But trying to roll all this up into some kind of quant score really misses the point.


It’s funny for an industry that makes more and more of its bread from “reality” can’t face the reality of the social media revolution.


Your quanitified approximations of reality might still work, for a while, but you’re missing the whole point of social media: the ability to reach out and touch someone – as more than some fuzzy representative of a basically flawed, demographics-based persona.


There’s a sea change in the wind and seeing everything in terms of the world you know now will cause you to miss the real opportunity.

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