Publicize Your Blog

In our previous post, Getting Your Blog Found, we continued our series about blogging by discussing how to get your blog found in the sea of millions of blogs.

In this post, we take an in-depth look at how to publicize and advertise your blog in an effort to increase readership.

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Publicize Your Blog

In addition to the general recommendations we made in the series of posts beginning with Get Found you should:

  • Add links to your blog on your Website
  • Add your blog to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profiles
  • Add your blog address to all your communications
  • Embed videos from your YouTube channel in your blog
  • Run a contest on your blog
  • Ask your supporters to blog about your blog

Publicize Your Blog — Techie

If you or your staff is a bit more technical, try these ideas:

  • Add your blog to blog directories such as:
    • Technorati
    • Daypop
    • Blogdex
    • Popdex
    • Blogrolling
    • pingomatic
    • Robin Good’s list of blog directories[1]
  • Enable each post to be its own page
  • Set your blog to send pings to search engines via Ping-o-Matic[2]
  • Install Email This Post or other plug-in that enables readers to send the post to a friend
  • Turn on your site RSS feed and encourage your community to subscribe to it
  • Be search-engine-friendly

Advertise Your Blog

There are lots of places to advertise your blog on the Web. One that is quite affordable is a site called StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon belongs to a category of sites called social bookmarking services. Others include delicious and Digg.

StumbleUpon has more than 10 million members who use the site to, well, stumble upon new and interesting sites they might not have otherwise found. Members can rate pages, and when you use the site, StumbleUpon delivers pages or emails that have been explicitly recommended by friends or members with similar interests.

That’s great, and it’s a great site to subscribe to so you can find interesting topics to blog about. But you can also use StumbleUpon to place your blog or Website in the recommendations that members see.

You can create a StumbleUpon ad campaign for your whole blog or a single post. You can target the audience by selecting dozens of categories, various demographics and/or geography. When users click on the ad, the traffic comes directly to your site. It’s a pay-per-click service, which means you pay only for actual views of your site. You can also set spending limits to control your budget, and there’s no minimum spend requirements.

What’s even better is the cost: 10-25 cents per visitor.

StumbleUpon reviews all ads and accepts only those that meet their content guidelines.[4]

Next up: Write to be Found

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