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Everyone looks to content marketing evangelists for predictions. I have only one. I predict 2014 is the year you fill in the gaps in your content marketing program.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

If you’re looking for actionable advice on creating a better content marketing program for the new year, look no further. This is a great article that lays out steps for getting better at marketing via content. Steps include answering the following questions:


1. How well do you understand content marketing?

2. Do you have a content marketing strategy?

3. Do you have an editorial plan?

4. Do you have platforms and processes that work?

5. Do you have a content marketing team?

6. Do you create a variety of content types?

7. Are you taking social media seriously?

8. Do you nurture leads with email marketing?

9. Do you have a handle on analytics?

10. Do you consistently refine your content marketing?


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