Recycling Facebook Page Content Works – And Here’s Proof

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Trying to figure out what to post on Facebook can often feel like a sharp stick in the eye. You have to understand your fans, analyze what they like that aligns with your cause, and publish updates that will engage fans. Whew… Even after sweating blood to get it right, you find that you’re still…

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

There are those who will tell you not to cross post from one network to another, and to never repost content. This article begs to differ on many controversial assertions like these. The major points:


Step #1: Download Facebook Insights

Step #2: Select the content type you’d like to repost

Step #3: Locate columns to use

Step #4: Calculate engagement rate

Step #5: Rank content by engagement rate

Step #6: Repost top performing posts

Step #7: Repost at the same time each day


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