RIP LinkedIn Answers

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LinkedIn will pull the plug on LinkedIn Answers, its Quora-like Q&A service, on Jan. 31. The company sent an email to LinkedIn users on Thursday explaining the move.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Oh no! I’ve used LinkedIn Answers only occasionally, but I’ve gotten great results.


I crowdsourced the editing and recommendation of my first book ( by assembling an editorial board via a LinkedIn Question. I did the same with the sixth book ( 


I also got a rapid answer about "frontrunning" – the practice of watching DNS servers and registering domains based on what people were searching for and not finding. I got a technical answer about the ancient programming language, ASP.


And I found a guy to download, diagnose, and fix my buddy’s Website when there was a very obscure CSS problem with it, saving my buddy lots of money.


Along the way, I’ve offered a bunch of answers that I hope were useful.


Let LinkedIn hear from you if you don’t want them to can Answers 1/31/13!

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