Six Arguments Against Content Shock

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Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

You may have never heard of the term Content Shock – I never had until I read this article – but your familiar with the flood of content now available to the average user. I’ve been calling it the firehose. Well, if you get hosed enough, you’re going to try to turn off the spigot, and that’s Content Shock.


Excellent article. Here are the major points that people who argue against the concept raise:


1) Great content will always rise to the top

2. It does not cost any more to create great content so the economic assumptions are wrong.

3. The impact of Content Shock does not matter if you have properly identified a niche market

4. As long as people have a need or question, they will find and consume your helpful content no matter how much of it is in the marketplace

5. “Deep pockets” don’t matter in the content marketing space, which provides equal access to all.

6. Technology will help us overcome the consumption side of content shock


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