Robbie is an experienced business development manager who has used social media in an innovative way to effectively connect with customers and prospects while driving sales performance. He has worked as Application Sales Representative and Business Development Consultant at Oracle before taking a business development role at Trissential, a Twin Cities IT solutions company. At Trissential, he landed three new customers, including Cargill, and $500,000 in new business solely through the use of social media techniques. In addition, he managed all of Trissential’s partner relationships, including with Computer Associates, Oracle, Fujitsu, and others. As a result, Robbie helped Trissential grow from $6 million to $12 million in revenue during tough economic times.

Most recently, Robbie has leveraged his social networking strategy and execution experience to found Strategy Blueprints, a consulting firm that helps companies ensure that their tactical business plans map to their strategic business objectives, especially in the area of social networking and new media.

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