The Tactical Truth about Content Marketing

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Walking the walk, however, isn’t easy. Dreams of content greatness can quickly morph into in-the-trenches nightmares with overwhelming commitments to creating dozens of content pieces, each of which requires planning, writing, editing, proofreading and graphic design, not to mention the sign-off and say-so of several stakeholders. Without the right tools to optimize content workflow and collaboration, you can easily start to feel like you’re feeding a hungry content “beast” rather than implementing a thoughtful strategy.


So what does that mean for your team, which must plan, produce, and disseminate high-quality content to meet your product marketing goals? How can you develop a content production machine that runs smoothly? How can you get feedback and insights on results so you can publish content that drives results? Social business technologies allow you to take your big content marketing ideas to the next level by going beyond high-level strategy to tactical tips for the trenches. Here’s the bottom line on what you truly need to get a handle on content marketing for a powerful product launch, brand awareness campaign or thought leadership effort….

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

Here’s what the article says you need to mount an effective content effort (and I couldn’t agree more):


1. A central hub where all content participants can plan.

2. Better document collaboration.

3. Easy access to subject matter experts.

4. Customer and partner connections in external communities.

5. Intelligence and analytics at your fingertips.

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