Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit

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Learn why business blogging is more results-driven and cost-effective than the traditional ad unit.

Mike Ellsworth‘s insight:

When you think about it, these points make sense, but many experts are predicting the end of the blog. What do you think?


13 Reasons the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit
1) Blog posts are naturally optimized for organic search — and longer lasting!
2) Blog posts give you extended reach through social media.
3) Blog posts come with a permanent internet address.
4) Blog posts are hosts to other forms of media.
5) Blog posts are magnets for prospects 
6) Blog posts provide pathways to qualified lead generation.
7) Blog posts are easily spreadable.  
8) Blog posts help grow opt-in email lists.
9) Blog posts encourage engagement.
10) Blog posts naturally attract inbound links.
11) Blog posts increase website and landing page traffic.
12) Blog posts can expose you to new audiences through guest blogging.
13) Blog posts contribute to a lifetime "backlist ."

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